Permits and Applications

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Permit Applications
The following is a list of permits in downloadable PDF format. Click on your desired folder to view available permit applications.

Regulations for Home Occupations

Parish Building Codes and Other Frequently Asked Construction Questions (Click the link)

Permit Fees and Rules

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In order to determine the permit fee, a valid Construction Contract with the project valuation must be submitted with all new commercial building, commercial storage, commercial renovation, new institutional and institutional renovation permit applications. When  no contract is available or the result is a lower total fee, the building official may use $0.12 per square foot for permit fee and $0.48 per square foot for plan review and inspection fees for these types of permits. The minimum permit fee and minimum plan review and inspection fee, as expressed in the link above shall apply.

Multi-family projects will be permitted as commercial permits.

If additional inspections are required, the applicant shall pay additional fees prior to the parish issuing the final certificate of occupancy.

Permit fees are non-refundable. Plan review and inspections fees may be partially refundable on a pro-rata basis.

Plan review and inspection fees shall apply when third-party providers are utilized and a discount may be provided so long as said discount does not exceed 40 percent of the standard plan review and inspection fee that would otherwise be charged to the applicant. In the instance that a third-party provider is used for plan review only, there shall be no discount. In the instance that the third-party provider is used for inspections only, the discount shall be no greater than 30 percent of the standard permit fee.